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www.chipotlefeedback.com – ChipotleFeedback: A bird’s eye view Overview – To make Chipotle an even better place to eat than it currently is, ChipotleFeedback is offering its guests a fantastic opportunity to take part in the Chipotle Guest Satisfaction Survey.

Chipotle Feedback

Customers can provide feedback regarding the food, service, and overall experience by filling out the Chipotle Feedback or Chipotle Survey form, which is accessible at www.chipotlefeedback.com

You can tell everything about your experience, contentment, and fulfillment of expectations using the Chipotle Feedback Survey. In the interim, you have the honorable chance to win 52 Chipotle Burrito Bucks Cards, which are good for a year’s worth of burritos!

Participation process:


Two methods exist for participating in the promotion:

  1. An eligible participant may make any meal or beverage purchase during the promotion period at a participating Chipotle Mexican Grill location (“Qualifying Purchase”).

Each receipt for a Qualifying Purchase will have a special code (“Code”) and a link to the internet (“Website”) where the customer can complete a survey on their dining experience.

The participant must go to the website, follow the links and instructions, enter his or her code, finish the survey, and fill out and submit the registration form with the requested information for the sponsor, which may include.

  1. Mail-In Without Purchasing Anything:
  2. For residents of the United States, in order to receive an entry without making a purchase, an entrant must hand-write his or her full name (no initials), valid e-mail address, street address (P.O. Boxes are not accepted), city, state, ZIP code, telephone number, and date of birth (MM/DD/YYYY), on a 312″x5″ card (“Mail-In Entry”), and mail it (in an outer mailing envelope with One (1) entry is awarded for each mail-in entry.
  3. Canadian residents can visit https://alternatemethodofentry.com/014866 to enter without making a purchase.



(24 total; 1 from the US Pool and 1 from the Canada Pool for each Entry Period):

One (1) promotion coupon for Chipotle for one (1) year, good for up to fifty-two (52) meals, is awarded to each winner.

For orders placed online, through the Chipotle mobile app, or at any of the participating Chipotle Restaurants, the promotion code may only be used once per day (“Prize”).

  1. Total ARV: $12,480 USD / $16,068.62 CAD* is the total ARV of all prizes offered in this promotion.


1.Whom should I get in touch with if there is a delivery problem?

Our staff is prepared to assist if you placed your order using the Chipotle App or chipotle.com. Call 1-833-860-0467 or chat with Pepper for the quickest response.

Please get in touch with our delivery partners (DoorDash, UberEats, Postmates, or GrubHub) directly if you have any problems or inquiries regarding your orders.

  1. Why does joining Chipotle Rewards result in an error message?

Your email may have already been used to register for a Chipotle ordering account (maybe you have a twin that enjoys burritos?). Make careful to find your password in the digital void if you’ve forgotten it.

  1. S.O.S. – In the restaurant, I neglected to scan for rewards. What shall I do?

Don’t Worry! Keep your receipt close by and file a Points Request in our app or online if you neglected to scan your member card during your most recent visit. Within 30 days of the transaction, be sure to submit your points request.

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