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www.bojangleslistens.com – www.talktobo.com – Businesses can only remain viable in the market by appreciating and comprehending consumer needs. As a result, Bojangles’ is conducting a survey to learn about your most recent dining experience there. You will receive a validation code to enjoy a free sausage and biscuit in exchange for your valuable time.



With the aid of the Bojangles survey, which was available for free, the restaurant was able to pinpoint its customers’ needs, respond to them, and help them feel like a member of the Bojangles family.

Steps to the Survey:


  • Fill out the brief form on the survey website at https://www.talktobo.com/ or https://www.bojangleslistens.com/. The information that is displayed on your receipt will be required, as shown on the page.
  • You may also choose to access the Spanish-language survey.
  • You may review the terms of service and privacy statement by clicking on the following links.
  • Please indicate how satisfied you were overall with your dining experience. Repeat the process for other aspects of the experience, such as the menu, the service, and the cost.
  • Choose the type of visit. Indicate any issues you had and provide more details.
  • Give a few brief comments that express your level of agreement.
  • Copy your validation code, then ask questions.

Survey Details:

Survey Reward         FREE Coupon

Time To Complete    3-5 Minutes

Receipt Valid For      2 Days

Coupon Valid For     30 Days


Each Bojangles survey taker will receive a validation code that can be redeemed for a complimentary sausage and biscuit at the restaurant when they return.

The Bojangles Bolistens Survey can be finished in a matter of seconds. Since you are investing your time, you will receive payment for finishing the evaluation right away.

Each winner will receive a coupon code that can be used to get free sausage and biscuits the next time they visit any Bojangles restaurant.

Introducing  Bojangles for You

Bojangles’ is a popular American fast-food chain serving fried chicken and biscuits. It also serves all-day breakfast, bo-berry biscuits, Cajun fillet biscuits, and Bojangles’sweet tea.

Jack Fulk and Richard Thomas created it in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1977. Over 750 Bojangles’ eateries can be found in 14 states plus the District of Columbia.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a customer satisfaction survey for Bojangles’?

A Bojangles Customer Satisfaction Survey was developed to assist Bojangles in achieving its objective. The goal of this customer satisfaction survey is to enhance Bojangles’ customer service. Please respond to the poll to share your most recent interactions with both current and previous Bojangles customers.

How can I receive a coupon for Bojangles’?

Bojangles appreciates the value of its clients and rewards them with coupons and gifts. After completing the Bojangles Customer Satisfaction Survey, you will be given a Bojangles Coupon Code.

Does Bojangles offer free biscuits?

Bojangles appreciates the value of its clients and rewards them with coupons and gifts. After completing the Bojangles Customer Satisfaction Survey, you’ll get a Bojangles Coupon Code.

Contact Details:

Contact information for Bojangles can be found at www.bojangles.com/contact.

Telephone: (800) 366-9921

Address: 9432 Southern Pine Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28273, Bojangles’ Restaurants, Inc.

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